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Windows Setup Guide

We recommend using one of the below applications on your Windows device. 


1. Download the VLC media player from

2. Open your m3u file with VLC player. (Please request your m3u url from support if you don't have it)



1. Download the ProgDVB app from under the free of charge section. This will download and install both ProgDVB and ProgTV.

2. Open the ProgDVB program once installed, it will open straight into the setup menu. Fill in your m3u url in the first box under the "Main" tab. Change the caption from "IPTV client" to "EnterStream".

3. Under the tab "Guide" fill in your EPG url in the first box and click Ok at the bottom to save setup.

4. You have now setup both the ProgDVB and ProgTV programs on your PC. We recommend taking a look through the settings and familiarizing yourself with them so you can customize the app to your needs.


Web Browser 

1. Please submit a ticket with the support team and they will assist with web browser viewing.